The Alfred E. Mann Foundation:
Development of implanted neuroprosthetic devices.

SPOT (Smart Personal Objects Technology) FM subcarrier data transmission system and embedded mixed-signal subcarrier receiver. SCA Data Systems designed the system, protocol and radio chip enabling MSN subscribers to receive personalized information on their Fossil, Suunto and Swatch watches.

Mainstream Data:
SCPC receiver and embedded ASIC, used with considerable worldwide success.

Atari/Activision joint venture:
FM subcarrier system for securely delivering video games by subscription. This was the first high-speed use of FM subcarriers. Developed technologies for first-wave video games, including the Atari "Real Sports" voice system.

Rockwell (Conexant):
First entirely microcontroller-based modem, anticipating soft modems and soft radio.

National Public Radio:
Satellite receiver study

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